Intuitive Consulting to Benefit You

Your energy, kindness, and talent are unmatched. You are the only reader for me. Thanks for making such a difference in my world. -Lauren H

Izolda will amaze you at your personal appointment, and she will electrify your event.

Izolda reading at the Sequoia
Reading at the famed Sequoia Restaurant in Georgetown, Washington DC

Izolda comes by her intuitive skills honestly. Born in the former Soviet Union, in Moldova, Izolda conveys the wisdom of her heritage to every consultation and coaching session. Clients have praised Izolda’s results for their accuracy and poignancy. Further, her friendly, engaging manner and accurate information will wow you and your guests.

Izolda brings an inviting yet no-nonsense presence to every event. She will connect with and inspire even your most reserved guests.

Decades of Experience in Consulting and Coaching

Izolda brings her decades of experience of more than 13,000 individual consults to every interaction. She has honed her intuitive skills as a consultant, speaker, and presenter. She will give you the information you need, and she will provide actionable guidance on how to proceed with confidence.

But What About The Bad News? Should I Be Scared?

We all face obstacles, and Izolda believes forewarned is forearmed. She will never tell you about an upcoming challenge without also giving you means and ideas on how to handle it.

Rockin’ The Hand You’re Dealt! Live Facebook Show

Join Izolda for The Show (Wednesdays at 9:00pm EDT)

Have you always wanted to try a consult but haven’t known how to start? Here is a simple way to see how it works from the comfort of your home.

Join Izolda on Facebook Live every Wednesday at 9pm. She answers questions from people just like you. Find the page on any Wednesday at 9pm (EDT) and watch as Izolda reads live. You can even submit your own question and get an answer Live.

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Izolda Business Card from the Maryland Ren Fest Intuitive work for more tan 30 years.
Maryland Renaissance Festival business card (yes, she’s the lady with the pink card).

Please note: Izolda no longer works at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. To schedule an individual consultation or to book Izolda for an event, please contact us.

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