About Izolda

About Izolda

Izolda in Moldova
Izolda as a wood sprite in Moldova when she was three years old.

Born in Moldova in the former Soviet Union, Izolda grew up steeped in the rich heritage of Eastern Europe. She spent her first few years listening to the folk tales of her great-grandmother. Her great-grandmother taught her about card reading, plants, stones, the weather, people, and music.

Early Life

During the year-long immigration process from the Soviet Union, Izolda lived for nine months in the war zone of Israel. The skills she developed then are universal, can be taught, and can help others thrive. Izolda’s goal is to show you how to develop these skills for yourself.

When her family arrived in the USA, after the multi-country immigration process, they settled in Michigan. Izolda graduated as valedictorian of her high school class and also graduated from the University of Michigan.


Izolda developed the Life Elements personal growth system and released the book, “Life Elements,” in 2008.


She has traveled the world as an educator and trainer for NASA and the National Geographic Society. She has also worked as a reader, guide, and coach for clients all over the world.

Izolda has been facilitating workshops on confidence, peace of mind, and communication since 2001.

She has been a yoga and Tai Chi practitioner and teacher for over 20 years. She utilizes their techniques to help participants thrive as they forge their dreams.

After more than thirty years experience and more than 13,000 individual consults, she released the Rock the Hand You’re Dealt interactive ebook. The first of its kind, the book allows the reader to choose a card every day. Izolda’s interpretation and guidance for that card appear. Each card contains a call to action for living a full and abundant day.

She utilizes tarot, palmistry, Body Mechanics Interpretation (BMI) and language interpretation, energy work (including Reiki and Chi energy), therapeutic creativity and other forms of intuitive guidance and consulting in her work.


Izolda's first book on improving your life

Izolda is also the founder of the Life Elements personal growth system, and author of the book, “Life Elements: Transform Your Life With Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.”

She consults with various Washington DC metro area companies and organizations (and periodically travels to different locations) and consults via phone and skype for clients all over the world.