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Life Elements: Transform Your Life With Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

Forge your path to a fulfilling, bountiful, joyful life with Izolda’s self-improvement books. Many of us are seeking a different way to live. We want to create a life that is peaceful, mindful, open, and active. In our search, we combine ancient and modern traditions. Additionally, we might merge cutting-edge technology with yoga or Tai Chi. Some of us use ancient meditation techniques and elemental energies and reinterpret them. Then, we move forward; we decide our path, and here we access the source for a peaceful, joyful, and productive life.

The Life Elements System presents a practical, hands-on method to change our lives. Part guidebook, part assessment tool, “Life Elements” calls us to action to transform our lives. Take the Elemental Designation Assessment Test to discover your governing Element and learn your next steps to transforming your life elementally.

Your bonus for visiting this page: The latest meditations from my first book, “Life Elements” are now up on youtube. | Barnes & Noble | | Ebook at Barnes & Noble | iBookstore (iTunes) | Kobo


Rock The Hand You’re Dealt: Daily Coaching on Focus, Success, And Living Your Best Life

Use this interactive book and get daily guidance from an ancient coaching system.
Choose a card to receive a daily reading from the tarot in this exclusive, interactive book. Learn world-renowned reader Izolda Trakhtenberg’s interpretation of how it applies to your life today. This immediate reading will guide and advise you as each day unfolds. Every interpretation includes your focus for today and a call to action to help you live your best life.
How does it work? It’s super simple. Go to one of the selection pages. Tap on a symbol, and the book will open today’s coaching guidance. You will receive practical, actionable steps on how to get the most out of your day and build your best life. What could be easier than that? |