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Life Coaching is used to help clients with transitions in their personal lives, and in the processes of self-actualization. This multi-disciplinary system draws from sociology, psychology, career counseling, and numerous other types of counseling. Often a life coach also practices mentoring, and aids clients in goal and self-assessment and behavior re-patterning to help them find their authentic path and to help them rediscover a child-like wonder about life.

I approach the art and science of holistic Elemental life coaching with a wealth of knowledge about mind/body/spirit counseling and motivational techniques. I have been practicing intuitive counseling for over 20 years and I have incorporated chakra, reiki, and chi energy healing into my holistic life coaching practice.

In addition to the more standard techniques of Life Coaching that encourage my clients to heal and to grow, I utilize guided meditation as well as a supportive, in-depth and often relaxing and lighthearted question and answer technique that allows clients to take charge of their own healing process and to explore their possible life path in a supportive atmosphere.

Some of the specific techniques that I incorporate into her Life Coaching Sessions:

“Talking With”

Often, we as a species feel that we are not allowed to share our deepest selves with others. We feel that others will not understand or support our deepest feelings and ideas. I embrace this sharing of information in a supportive and fully confidential atmosphere for it is only in articulating for ourselves what we feel we need and want out of life that we begin to walk our authentic path.

As part of Life Coaching, I spend a good bit of time talking with my clients in order to help them fully realize their life’s goals and dreams. I combine both intuitive and practical guidance on how my clients might forge their highest path. As they embark upon their conversations, clients often find their own answers as I point out the important aspects of what has been said and also unsaid. From these answers, I work with clients to find concrete steps that can be undertaken to heal the client and to help them find their genuine path.


As part of the Life Coaching process, clients receive Missions. Missions are positive, internal and external tasks that encourage clients to pursue their own healing and progression towards an authentic, balanced life and an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem. I encourage clients to think of these as holistic healing homework.

Missions may include:

Affirmations:  “Affirmation is a positive statement of (positive) belief.”1 Affirmations are written down in an effort to introduce more positive and affirming thought patterns into our lives. After a time, writing the affirmations daily helps change both our thought patterns and our patterns of behavior. As an example, please try the following right now. Take a blank sheet of paper and write out the words: “I am a wonderful and successful writer (or painter or musician or whatever it is that you are),” ten times in a row. Please notice what happened to you as you were doing this simple exercise. Were there any thoughts that came up as you wrote the words? If so, what were they? Did you agree with what you were writing or did you disagree and think this was nothing more than a silly waste of time? If you disagreed, I encourage you to take a look at why it was so easy for you to disagree with a statement that affirms your positive attributes. Affirmations can help free us from negative thought patterns and introduce and establish new positive and forward thinking patterns. The correct affirmations (and they are different for each of us) can essentially help re-pattern our ways of thinking of ourselves and of the world around us.

Tasks: We often have dreams but those dreams our not allowed out to play. The tasks that arise from the coaching process encourage finding the appropriate methods of allowing our authentic selves to come out of hiding. Truly, these tasks can expand our horizons and help us become our true selves in all aspects of our lives. Sometimes, the tasks can be challenging, but they are always tasks that are in line with helping the client live their life with authentic purpose. For example, one of my clients has been told that he cannot sing. Indeed, he can sing and in fact through the technique of Therapeutic Creativity, I encouraged him to do so. He began singing and it helped propel him into an aspect of his life that he had never dared explore before. True, it was challenging for him to step out onstage at one of my singing/music student recitals (in front of an extremely supportive audience) but once he did and once he realized that he truly enjoyed sharing his music and his voice, he was unstoppable. Our deepest and most creative selves can be found if we only look for them.

Focus: Together, I and my clients focus in on both the goals and the processes that must be undertaken to achieve those goals.

Conversations: In order for us to live authentically and walk our true path, there are many conversations that we need to have with those in our lives. Sometimes, these conversations are easy and sometimes they can be challenging. However, when we take the courageous step and have these talks we can more fully realize our potential as sisters, brothers, parents, children, lovers, husbands, wives, friends, and indeed human beings. I work with my clients to find the best approach to these conversations so that they can be conducted in as loving and supportive a manner as possible.

Journaling: Writing down our thoughts and feelings was something that many of us did when we were young. The pages of diaries and now blogs can hold all of our dreams, frustrations, desires, and plans. When done for a specific purpose they can also serve to give answers to many of the questions that arise in the process of coaching. Often, during a session, I will note a specific issue that needs to be addressed to aid in further progress. I will ask the client to journal on those issues so that the client can glean and benefit from the information they write and therefore learn. We can be free to express our most intimate selves in our journals and no one will ever see them but us. This allows for a more honest and authentic approach to our lives and by looking at and interpreting what we have written we can build our path from this technique.

Movement, song, poetry, dance, drawing and/or performance: These creative tasks help clients find answers to questions and provide insight into next steps. I work with my clients to establish their preferences on which creative expression will best provide insight and then I give them creative missions to accomplish to help provide those answers.

As the need arises, I incorporate many other techniques into my Life Coaching practice. I conduct reiki and chakra balancing sessions with clients on an as needed basis. I utilize the intuitive powers of the ancient art of tarot and I utilize the healing and respected power of stones and crystals. Often, clients receive a “worry stone,” as part of their healing process. These stones, chosen by me, can be held as a focal point for emotional energy. And in fact, clients have reported that they have come to rely on their stones for focus and quiet energy.

1. Cameron, Julia, “The Artist’s Way” GP Putnam’s, 1992

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