Welcome to the FAQ for ReadingsByIzolda.

We will add to this list as new questions come up.

What is a reading?

What is a tarot reading?

What is a palm reading?

How does a tarot reading differ from a palm reading?

How do I make an appointment?

How does scheduling an appointment work?

Appointments are slotted on a first come/first served basis. Izolda does no more than six readings in one day. Each reading client has 15 minute cushion built into the schedule, and Izolda will offer her next available slot. Due to the high volume of clients, that slot might be a few days to a few weeks in the future.

Izolda needs to have the mental space between readings in order to collect hersef and be fully present and able to do what needs doing for every single client. To do otherwise, is a disservice both to them and to her.