Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your Information: Your privacy is important to us. As such, we will never share any information you provide including your name, email, or any other data. Note: this site also uses cookies, pixels, and google analytics.

Like other commercial websites, uses a ubiquitous technology called “cookies” and server logs to collect information about how visitors to our site use it. The information that is logged is website visit times and dates, the pages a user looked at, the amount of time the user spent on the site and other websites visited directly before or after the visit to this site as well as the user’s IP address.

Reasons for Information Collection

Generally, we collect information on your visit because we want to support and administer our business. We also want to facilitate your use of our website and business.

If you sign up to download a book or a set of resources, subscribe to the newsletter or register for a webinar or online course, we gather your information. We will use this information to support your preferences and update you on the resources, products, and services we offer and in which you have indicated an interest. Most facets of this website are available to visitors without any registration or subscription requirements. When you wish to download resources or subscribe or register for appointments, workshops, products, or services that we require you to provide any information.

Intellectual Property Policy and Rights

Copyrights, TM, ® and any other intellectual property rights on our website, all content, products, and resources available on this website will remain the sole property of Izolda Trakhtenberg and IST LLC. The use or copying of any of this property is forbidden without the express written permission from IST LLC.

You may not:

-Republish or copy any material or content from this website without prior written permission from IST LLC

-Reproduce or create any sort of copy or use of any material of this website for any purpose without prior written permission from IST LLC

-Redistribute any content from this site in any form without prior written permission from IST LLC

-Sell or rent content or material from this site

To inquire about permission to use any material or content on this site, please contact us.