Services: The Accurate and Engaging Intuitive Consultant For Your Event

Izolda is available for special events and occasions, corporate functions, weddings, bridal showers, birthday gifts, and private appointments. She provides her services, in person, in the Washington DC metropolitan area and also remotely via Skype and Facetime. She also does walk-around tarot consults. Called, “One Card, One Consult,” these give a window into immediate possibilities facing the person who chooses the card. They make for a terrific party or corporate event offering.

tarot reading services
Reading at the Sequoia Restaurant, Washington, DC


“It’s in the cards.” Tarot cards have been used as focusing tools for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years. The image, theme, and symbols on each card tell a story. When the cards are laid out in a spread, they reveal the story and address life and universal questions. Clients can request general readings or ask specific questions. Izolda intuits the story of the cards to tell each individual client’s story. She always tries to help every client learn what they most need to know.



palmistry services for corporate events and parties
Telling fortunes at the Colonization of Terragorix Halloween party. (used with permission). Travis Vaughn Photography //


The lines of our palms reflect the work of our lives.  When we study the lines, hills, and valleys of our palms, we learn about our strengths, characteristics, challenges, and life path. As part of her unique services, Izolda incorporates Body Mechanics Interpretation (BMI) into every palm reading. We move subconsciously. Izolda interprets those movements and guides clients forge the lives they truly want. BMI gives clients vital information about their strengths, characteristics, and long-term life path.


Izolda approaches the art and science of holistic Elemental life coaching with a wealth of knowledge about mind/body/spirit connection and motivational techniques. She has been practicing intuitive guidance for over 30 years, and she has incorporated chakra, reiki, and chi energy healing into her holistic life coaching practice.

In addition to the more standard techniques of Life Coaching that encourage her clients to learn and to grow, she utilizes guided meditation in her practice. Furthermore, she offers a supportive, in-depth question and answer technique that allows clients to take charge of their own process. Together, Izolda and her clients explore their life path in a supportive atmosphere. For more information, please get in touch.

services: stone and crystal intuitive consults
Crystals and semi-precious stones used in crystal readings


Stones and crystals have individual characteristics. We define them by their symbolic meanings, chemical properties, and the history of their use. When specific crystals draw us, their characteristics can help us learn what we most need to know. In a crystal divination session, Izolda presents her clients with a variety of crystals and directed to select a few of the ones that speak to them. Izolda then uses the history, meaning, and energy of the stones to intuit issues that need to be addressed and guidance on the client’s next steps. Clients will receive a crystal chosen uniquely for them to keep at the end of the end of the reading.