Terms of Service

Terms of Service


If you wish to cancel any subscriptions you have with us, please let us know via email at Izolda@IzoldaT.com, and we will remove you from our lists.

Unlawful Use/Prohibited Use

Izolda Trakhtenberg and IST LLC encourage to benefit from the content included herein. However, by consuming this content, you agree that you will not use any of the content or material on the website for any unlawful or illegal purpose. All graphics, images, and other content are the sole property of IST LLC and are protected by the appropriate copyright and intellectual property laws that govern such materials. By consuming the content contained herein, you agree not to copy or redistribute any content without express written permission from IST LLC.

Communication Forum

This site might contain a communication section. Should you wish to make use of the comment or communication section, you agree not to defame, harass, abuse, or threaten anyone on this website, any other commenters, or members of this site’s community. You also agree not to violate the legal or ethical rights of other persons who use this site. Although we are not required to monitor communication services on this website, IST LLC reserves the right to remove and/or delete any content that is considered malignant, abusive, bigoted, racist, sexist, or threatening. IST LLC encourages any user to use caution and common sense when giving out any personal information including addresses, passwords or other personal data. IST LLC claims no liability for any actions that occur as a result of users sharing data in any of the Communication sections or other areas of the website where data may be shared.

Materials Provided By Users

IST LLC makes no provision and has no obligation to pay for any materials submitted on this website. IST LLC makes no claim of ownership of any feedback, writing, or other materials submitted to this website.

International Users

IST LLC is registered and operates in the State of Maryland in the United States of America. Any international users who utilize the site do so with the understanding that they must comply with local laws and legal and ethical behavior.


The policies contained herein and on the privacy policy and disclaimer pages constitute the agreement between IST LLC and users of this website, our materials, and content. These policies can be amended and updated at any time at the discretion of IST LLC and/or its officers/agents.